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Commercial and Residential Mortgage Broker.

Suganthan Thavarajasingam

Commercial and
Mortgage Broker.

Suganthan Thavarajasingam

Lending Partners

When you come to us for your mortgage, we can find the most suitable solutions from a variety of lenders including Banks, Credit Unions, Alternative, and Private Lenders.

Our Services


Purchasing a home is a lifetime investment; the mortgage and payment associated with a home should be accounted for when you plan your purchase. Once you decide to buy a home, get the ball rolling with us and we can help you plan every step of the way.

Refinance & Renewal

We have the best rates for renewals and refinancing but that doesn't mean you should change the institution you’re with unless there is huge savings and/or equity out to consolidate high-interest credit cards. Navigate the complexities and benefits of refinancing and renewal options with us.

Debt Consolidation

Debt has long been a problem for many Canadians due to high-interest credit cards and difficult situations. Life happens, and we know it. We have solutions to get you out and back to financial freedom without declaring bankruptcy or initiating a consumer proposal. Let's talk!

Construction Loan

We offer complete solutions for your custom home, construction projects, land development and subdivision construction financing. With over 10 years experience in financing, we have access to multiple lenders to finance any project big or small.